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Our wine

Every wine tells a story.

Chain of Ponds pays homage to the colourful characters, iconic features and memorable moments from the original township, nestled in the Adelaide Hills.

Black Thursday Sauvignon Blanc
Commemorating the vineyard that stopped the bush fire and saved the town of Gumeracha.

Graves Gate Syrah
Named after the cemetery – the only remains of the original Chain of Ponds township.

Amelia’s Letter Pinot Grigio
The letter written by Chain of Ponds’ blacksmith, James Caust, to his youngest daughter, Amelia, highlighting the isolation of the South Australian colony and
the strong links to their Cornish heritage.

Innocence Rosé
The Symonds Boys (Claude, Harry and Wybert), like so many young, innocent Australians headed to WWI. All three returned to Chain of Ponds safely in 1919.

Miller Creek Chardonnay
Chain of Ponds was originally known as the valley of Millers Creek in the mid 1800s.

Section 400 Pinot Noir
The Pinot Noir sources its fruit from the Section 400 block, of which it derives its name.

Ledge Shiraz
In honour of the bravery and tragic death of local Arnold Caust, who drowned in rough seas saving a young family whose boat overturned.

Amadeus Cabernet Sauvignon
Meaning ‘Lover of God’,
was named after Francis Symonds, the first minister of the township, Justice of the Peace and key figure in erecting
the Christian Methodist church.

Corkscrew Road Chardonnay
Recognising one of the treks winding up, like a corkscrew, from the Adelaide Plains into the ranges and township of Chain of Ponds.

Morning Star Pinot Noir
In memory of the Morning Star Hotel, established in 1847 by Oliver Philp, it was referred to as ‘one of the busiest places of call between Adelaide and the River Murray’.

Stopover Barbera
In the early years, Chain of Ponds played an important role in the difficult trek across the ranges, linking Adelaide to Mannum and the colony’s lifeline – the River Murray.


The Cachet Cabernet Shiraz Merlot
A cachet is a printed or stamped design or inscription, on an envelope or postal card which commemorates a postal or philatelic event. Our Cachet commemorates the last day of Postal services at Chain of Ponds post office on 20 December 1973.