Island Sting Honey Liqueur

Island Sting Honey Liqueur


Island Sting is a unique Australian taste sensation, produced from Ligurian Bee honey, found only on Kangaroo Island, it is the purest strain of bee in the world renowned for its premium quality honey.

Island Sting epitomises the history, spirit and romance of Kangaroo Island. Produced from the purest of honeys infused with natural herbs, spices and barks, it has a richness and a warmth of flavour which must be appreciated.

Complex aromas of lifted honey combine with a golden syrup and cinnamon spice overture. On the palate the liqueur is luscious and oily with lingering viscosity and a harmonious bitter sweet finish.

FOOD SUGGESTION: A perfect digestif, cocktail mixer or over vanilla bean ice-cream with biscotti.
chilled, room or warm

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